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Moving to a new place can be really exciting. It could be a start of a new adventure and new possibilities. However, moving itself is not exactly fun. Packing up your life along with all the stuff you own and loading them into a truck can be nerve wracking. So many things could go wrong during a move and there is so much room for errors from start to finish. Luckily, and since almost everyone does end up moving at some point in life, there’s a plethora of tried-and-tested tips out there that you can use to make the whole process a little bit easier. 

Here are our packing tips for moving, so you can have a stress-free and hassle-free experience. 

Start with the clutter

While it is entirely possible to pack all of your possessions into bags and boxes, it is not the wisest thing to do. More often than not, you have accumulated a bunch of stuff you will never use nor need in your new place. Make your life easier by cutting back on the clutter and get rid of things you seldom (or never) use. 

Start by going through every room in your current place; decide what you want to take with you and what to get rid of. 

The less stuff you pack, the easier your “unpacking” will be. This is going to be hard, but you have to tough this one out. Be merciless. You are going to start a new life, might as well start at your new place with a clean slate. 

Have a moving folder

Organizing your move is easy if you start by documenting everything. Make a moving folder and put everything in one place: from new addresses, moving contracts, your rental or purchase papers, record of agreements, etc. It would be best to have a hard copy rather than digital, in case your phone dies during the move.

Have a checklist

Draft a checklist for your moving and include your budget. Include timelines and be realistic.

packing tips and guide for moving

Pack in advance

In an ideal world, you should pack months before your moving date. You can start by packing off-season items and stuff you will not use for the moment. Pack your winter boots and coats if you are moving in the summer. This will make the packing and moving way less stressful, and you’ll not be scrambling at the last minute.

Buy boxes of different sizes

Use the right sized boxes when packing your items so that every item is perfectly secure. Don’t forget to label each box, too.

This way, movers will have an easier time moving, loading and unloading stuff from their truck.

Distribute the weight

You do not have to fill boxes one at a time. Pack your boxes simultaneously by spreading the weight. Start by placing the heavier things at the bottom and leave enough space for the lighter items at the top of the box. 

Most moving companies will have a weight limit for each box, so make sure you are aware of the weight limit of your moving service provider. Do not overfill or overload your boxes.

Wrap the fragile items

One good hack is to use your clothes, blankets, pillowcase, or any soft material as alternatives to bubble wrap and old newspapers. This way you can save space, weight, and money. 

Roll your clothes

The most efficient way to pack your clothes is to roll them up as tightly and as small as possible. This way, you can pack more clothes in one box. Also, they wrinkle less when rolled up. And since clothes are the last things you unpack when you arrive at your new place, this is a good way to keep them smooth. 

Label your boxes

Keep a tab on where you have put your stuff and find them quickly when you need them. This will help you with your inventory once you arrive at your new place. You can also include the destined rooms for each box, description of its contents, etc. 

Putting labels on your boxes will also help you organize your “unpacking.” 

moving and packing tips

Tape the boxes well

Secure the bottom and top seams of the boxes by taping them well. Wrap all the way and around the bottom and top edges of boxes to secure them. 

Separate the valuables

Important documents, jewelry, watches, and electronic devices must be packed in a separate and safe box. Obviously, you want to personally transport these items to your new home. 

Parting tips

There is no one-size-fits-all tip for everyone, as different people have different needs, preferences, and concerns. For most cases, these general packing tips for moving will get you started in a stress-free move

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